Криворізького національного університету

    Криворожского национального университета

    of Kryvyi Rih National University

    der Nationalen Universität Krywyj Rih

    de l’Universitè Nationale de Kryviї Rih


  • surface mining
  • underground mining
  • geodesy
  • mine surveying
  • geology and mineralogy
  • occupational safety
  • construction and architecture
  • metallurgy
  • engineering
  • electrical technology
  • project and programme management
  • computer science
  • mineral processing
  • economic sciences

About the journal


Type of publication: scientific collection
Version of publication: printed
Founded: 2003
Frequency: 2 times a year
Series and number of the state registration certificate КВ 19156-7956 ПР of 25.06.2012
Languages of publication: Ukrainian, English, German, French (mixed languages)

Ministry of Education and Science order No. 326 of 04 April 2018 “On Listing of a scientific collection to the scientific professional editions of Ukraine” ( Annex 9 to the MESU order No. 326 dated April 04, 2018 )

The collection is indexed in databases Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Research Bible, Academic Keys, in the national abstract database “Ukrainika Naukova” (abstract journal “Dzherelo”). The collection has gone to the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the leading scientific libraries of Ukraine.

The materials of the collection contain the results of research in the field of technical and economic sciences. The ways to increase the efficiency of industrial production, automation and control of technological processes are considered. Issues on energy saving, economy, reliability of occupational protection, labour safety, environmental protection are the focus of the journal.

Scientific articles of the collection are designed for the benefit of scientists, engineers, students, graduate students and postgraduate students.

The main purpose of the “Journal of Kryvyi Rih National University” is to highlight modern scientific research, the results of the main research areas of the entire scientific community.



1. Promoting the international image of Ukrainian science, increasing the citation of authors, the ease of dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the global information space.

2. Coverage of scientific and scientific-practical problems in the field of technical and economic Sciences.

3. Establishment of new professional relationships among scientists.

4. Exchange of ideas and advances in energy efficiency, economy, reliability safety, occupational safety, environmental protection.

5. Consolidation of the community scientists based on scientific principles and professionalism.

6. Formation and development of the most promising areas of research practice in enterprises.

7. Providing information on modern scientific research and achievements.


Publisher: Kryvyi Rih National University

Address: 11, Vitalii Matusevich str., Krivyi Rih, Ukraine, 50027

Phone: +3 8 (056) 409 61 29