Rules review

The rules for submission, review and publication of articles submitted to the journal

Journal of Kryvyj Rih National University

1. Articles (materials) are sent to the editorial board by e-mail:

2. The submission of articles should comply with the requirements presented on the web-site of the journal at:

3. Scientific and technical collection included in the list of professional publications submits the results of PhD Thesis for scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of technical sciences (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 455 of 15.04.2014).

3. All scientific articles (materials) submitted to the journal “Herald of Kryvyi Rih National University”, subject to mandatory review for their expert evaluation.

4. The editorial Board determines the compliance of the article to the journal profile, the requirements for submission and sends it to the first review of the responsible editor of the journal that defines the scientific value of the manuscript and assigns a reviewer, who has the closest to the topic scientific specialization or competence. The articles are reviewed by editorial Board members or recognized experts on the subject of the peer-reviewed article.

5. The review period is 4 weeks. Depending on the situation and at the request of the reviewer it may be prolonged.

6. Review double (blind) (double-blind peer review), i.e. the author and the reviewer are not dependent on each other.

7. If the review contains recommendations on correction and modification of the article, the Secretary of the editorial review board sends the author the text of the review with a proposal to accept them when preparing the new version of the article or arguments (partially or completely) to refute them. The author’s revised article is again reviewed.

8. If the author and a reviewer have any insoluble contradictions regarding the article or the reviewer made a negative conclusion, the editorial Board takes the decision to send the article to another reviewer, or agrees with the reviewer’s decision.

9. The article, not recommended by the reviewer for publication, to reconsider is not accepted.

10. The editorial Board of the journal sends the authors of the articles (materials) copies of the review or a reasoned refusal.

11. After taken by the editorial Board the decision on the admission of an article for publication, the Secretary of the editorial Board informs the author about it and indicate the approximate date of publication.

12. The positive review is not sufficient ground for the publication of the article. The final decision on publication is taken by Editorial review Board based on the validity of the work and its conformity to the scope of the journal.

13. The originals of reviews are saved in editorial office for five years.

14. For the most complete and objective review of the article by the editorial Board was developed a “reminder to the reviewer of scientific articles”, in accordance with which the reviewer should assess the level of the article:

– whether the relevance, significance, importance of the research are argued enough convincingly.

– whether the purpose of the research corresponds to the objectives and the main research problem.

– whether the basic methods of the research and its procedures for implementation are fully described in the article.

– whether the article is built logically: the idea, the relevance, the final conclusions and perspectives in the research.

– whether the author discovered new facts, the features of processes, groups, institutions, etc.

– evaluate the theoretical and practical significance of the work.

– in conclusion, the reviewer should conclude (on the publication of the article without modification; on the publication of the article with modification; on the need of the article for external review; on the rejection of the article).